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We are the Fatberg Fighters. Professional services for Fatberg removal from drainage and sewer systems. Using specialised vacuum tankers commissioned specifically to we tackle the most challenging fatbergs, we succeed where others fail.

FatBerg Formed

Fatbergs are congealed lumps of fat, oil, sanitary items, and wet wipes which do not break down and stick to the surfaces of drainage pipes and sewers. Once formed they will require professionals to properly remove every aspect of the congealed waste.

Fatberg Fighters

As the leading Environmental and Waste Management company, we specialise in the removal of fatbergs. As the waste consumption increases, we are fighting fatbergs one sewer at a time. Successfully using our bespoke tankers to complete any fatberg removal or project.

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We can assist you if you require fatberg removal services. We can provide you with a comprehensive service. Whether you require a site visit, CCTV survey, confined space team and welfare support unit, we can assist you. Contact us now.

Waste treatment & Recycling

We operate from our head office in Croydon which has a functional waste treatment and recycling facility. We understand the importance of waste management offering fatberg treatment and recycling as a solution once we have removed the fatberg from the site.


The Rising Issue

Fatbergs are a rising issue in cities throughout the UK, particularly London. The concentration of restaurants, fast food establishments, cafes, hotels etc mean that more and more grease and fat has to be dealt with within a concentrated area. Well maintained grease traps can lessen the environmental impact of grease, however a fatberg can develop within drains and sewers if grease is not disposed of correctly.

Our Fatberg Fighters

Best Vehicles for you.

Our bespoke tankers are like no other. They are the most powerful and reliable tankers operating in the industry. These tankers are specially built to service fatbergs no matter the tonnage of the fatberg these tankers will get the job done.

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Questions and Answers.

We are here to answer all your questions and give you the answers to the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Fatbergs. Find them all here.

What is a Fatberg?

Fatbergs are large masses of grease, fat and sewer waste which coagulate to form blockages in drainage systems. Grease doesn't break down in the same way that tissue does. It congeals into a fatberg. These can become ginormous and cause blocked sewers, drains and culverts. The countries infrastructure is at risk from reckless grease disposal!

What damage can will a fatberg cause?

Fatbergs can cause severe damage over long periods of time. The sheer tonnage of a fatberg can be enough to disable some parts of London’s old Victorian sewers. As the Fatbergs grow in size they block free flowing streams of waste water, and cause blockages and backups. This can result in overflowing man wholes and even domestic kitchen sinks and bathroom plugs spewing sewage waste through homes. Fatbergs are also a breeding ground for antibiotic resistant superbugs which can be extremely harmful and dangerous.

What causes a Fatberg?

Fatbergs are caused by depositing inappropriate materials such as fat oil and grease, wet wipes, sanitary items and other materials which do not break down in drainage systems. Over time these materials form large congealed lumps of fat in sewers and drains. Fatbergs have been recorded to have grown to the size of a Boeing 747 aircraft. Disposing of waste materials appropriately and installing fat traps are the best preventative methods which can alleviate the formation of Fatbergs.

How to Prevent a Fatberg?

We all have a responsibility to ensure that we are responsibly disposing of our waste in ways which are not harmful to the environment. By ensuring that we do not dispose of wet wipes, other sanitary items and especially fat, oil and grease in sinks and toilets we can help to decrease the formation of Fatbergs. Restaurants and food establishments have a legal obligation to ensure that they have fat traps installed if they work with fat oil and grease. Preventing Fatberg start with the responsible disposal of waste.

Why is fatberg so harmful?

Fatbergs pose a health hazard to us all. Fatbergs are by far more putrid than sewage waste and often leave noxious smells, which seep through manholes and gully drains. London’s sewers have been operating for over 150 years, and as the population increases and consumption levels rise, our sewers are proving to find these levels more and more difficult to contain and cope with, so much so that authorities are engineering expansion to the sewage system to ensure that they continue to function for many years to come. When Fatbergs are formed in sewers they obstruct the flow of drains and sewers and blockages become for more frequent. The weight of fatbergs found in drains and sewers can be damaging to the infrastructure of drainage systems which can be costly to repair or replace.

How long does it take to form a fatberg?

The largest ever fatberg is thought to have weighed 130 tonnes and was discovered in Whitechapel. It was 250 meters long and consisted of wet, wipes, nappies, fat, oil and grease. A fatberg can grow extremely quickly due to a number of factors. Temperature and location of drainage systems can be causing factors, areas densely populated by restaurant establishments often see the highest rate of fatberg formation, just like the Whitechapel fatberg. The rate at which we dispose of waste can also be a factor, providing telling signs of how we are living and consuming. Fatbergs consist largely of materials that have not be disposed appropriately. Fatbergs tell us a great deal about how much more can be done to find safer, more environmentally friendly and alternative ways of disposing of our waste.

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