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Fatberg Fighters and cleaning

Fatberg Fighters

With the increase in inner city and urban development the problem of Fatbergs is escalating in our sewer system.

As the population grows and with a lack of investment in the sewer infrastructure, the increase in restaurants and housing has led to bigger problem with fatbergs. Fatbergs due to their nature do not breakdown like toilet paper.

If sewers and domestic drains are not maintained on regular basis, be under no illusion fatbergs will and do increase in size, causing major damage to the sewer system both in the short and long term.

We use the most up to date technological advance equipment to breakdown fatbergs, all operated by our skilled engineers. This allows for councils and utility companies to resolve the fatberg issue, prior to cost escalating and the cost being passed onto the general public.

Do not underestimate the damage and cost of not dealing with fatbergs, act now call by calling Fatberg Fighters.

Call us on 0800 740 8888.

Megatron can destroy fatbergs and using the 9 inch suction boom to remove waste from the sewer, leaving it free from blockages and restoring the flow.